Employee Spotlight: Cassandra Marks

Employee Spotlight: Cassandra Marks

We are proud to recognize Cassandra Marks as our March Employee of the Month! 

1656709815946-1Cassandra, who also goes by Cassie, is a Los Angeles Native and has been with our team for a little over a year now. She and joined our Mountain West team in December 2021 as a Resource Manager. She gained an interest in recruiting before joining the team, and with years of customer service experience under her belt, she figured, "what better way to help people than to help them find a career". She started her first day at Kavaliro alongside 3 other Resource Manager hires and the group eventually nicknamed themselves, "The Kavaliro Killas" for their unmatched tenacity and grind. 

1677630141243In May of 2022, Cassie transitioned from Resource Manager to an HR Coordinator role with the goal of ensuring that our consultants have a seamless and pleasant experience when entering their new role. Cassie has been a key player on the team and is held in high regards by the Onboarding and Operations departments. Cassie is praised for her willingness to help, her flexibility and her vibrant character. (and her AMAZING sense of style).


Her teammate, Mandy, says "Cassie is nothing but reliable, hardworking, & a fast learner. She's always willing to help & checks in early to see if we need anything from her. I can't imagine anyone more deserving to get employee of the month! With our manager out, Cassie has handled her new responsibilities with ease. She's quick and creative to think of any ways to resolve issues and stay organized. Our team wouldn't be the same without Cassie."

Her other teammate, Jessie, also shared "Cassie's hard work makes our jobs that much easier and more enjoyable with her always having a positive attitude. She always steps up to the plate and I already see you will be making all your goals this year!"

In her spare time, Cassie enjoys running, hiking, camping, snowboarding - and pretty much anything outdoors! She studied at San Francisco State University and earned a dual degree in Art History and Studio Art, with a minor in Jewish Studies. She feeds her creativity by making art, focusing on weaving and textiles, and even picked up jewelry making during the pandemic. 

Cassie, congratulations on being our spotlight for the month of March! We love having you on our team!