Consultant of the Month: Brittany Murphy

Consultant of the Month: Brittany Murphy

Today, we are thrilled to announce our September Consultant of the Month, Brittany Murphy! 🎉

 Brittany M.Kavaliro is proud to recognize Brittany Murphy as our September consultant of the month!

"Personally, working with Brittany and being able to help her get a position where she wanted to go was amazing. She has such a positive outlook and mindset on almost everything which makes her amazing to work with. I am glad I got the opportunity to help her and look forward seeing where her career goes!", say's Donovan Meeks, Kavaliro Resource Manager.

Brittany Murphy is a Software Developer from Apopka, FL. She always thought she would escape the Central Florida heat, but says she loves being near her family so much that she continues to call Florida home.

Brittany is quite fond of her job as a Software Developer and is particularly engaged by its ever changing nature. She say's, "you never truly know what your day will bring and I love the challenges and puzzles that come along with it. One day you could be diving deep into legacy code to hunt down a bug and the next, you could be learning a brand new programming language to implement a new solution to help make life better for your customers."

She feels that being a Software Developer has been a wonderful opportunity for her and she's been lucky enough to meet some amazing people because of it. She say's, "Thank you, Kavaliro, for helping me find my current job and getting to add to that group of amazing people."

Outside of work, Brittany spends her time playing the popular role playing game, Dungeon's and Dragon's, reading books, playing video games, traveling and listening to music. A fun fact about Brittany, she's had the opportunity to travel to Antartica, a place many few have had the chance of visiting! During her time there, Brittany completed a Polar Plunge in the Antarctic Ocean, an event held during the winter where participants enter a body of water despite the low temperature.

Again, the Kavaliro team wants to congratulate Brittany for being selected as the September Consultant of the Month. Thank you for exemplifying Kavaliro's values and mission.  🏆 

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