Bay Area Job Market – San Francisco Tech Staffing, Kavaliro

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest report on the August 2015 employment situation showed positive data for job seekers and employers alike. With 245,000 new jobs created in July and 173,000 jobs created in August, the unemployment rate fell to 5.1 percent. This is the lowest unemployment rate since April 2008. This past Monday, the San Francisco Tech Staffing firm's Rose Healy was on San Francisco’s FOX 2 “Money Monday” to chime in on what the report means for the Bay Area. Be sure to watch the full segment and see what’s going on in today’s economy.

This report shows that the labor market is continuing to improve and adds to the upward-moving data. While August is typically a month where job seekers and hiring managers are on vacation, the news shows us the economy is moving ahead with strong momentum.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, job seekers can find several opportunities in IT, healthcare and financial sectors as there has been steady growth in the past few years. The Bay Area specifically is a unique job market with a flourishing tech industry and fast-paced growth among startups and established companies, making it a job seeker’s ideal location. According to Healy, the area is continually developing and has experienced substantial job growth.

While there may be the dim prospect of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike later this month, Healy remains positive. She believes that hiring managers and job seekers can still expect there to be job growth. Mid-September to mid-November are the greatest job growing opportunities within the staffing industry and she expects it to remain that constant in the upcoming month.

“Don’t be scared,” said Healy. “There are plenty of opportunities out there. Use your imagination. Get a good recruiter. Get someone who knows the market and speak with them. Let them help you. There is certainly opportunity out there!”