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How to Ace your Performance Review - Staffing Services

Whether it’s a 90-day review or yearly review, performance reviews can be stressful! Fear not, we’ve got you covered on how to make the most of your next performance review. For additional tips, check out Kavaliro’s own Louis Douglas on FOX 35 Good Day Orlando!

Be a Great Listener

Listening is the key to success to mastering your current and any future positions. As your review is being conducted, your supervisors will go down a list of expectations and goals you reached or are working on accomplishing. As you listen to your supervisor, make sure you are diligently taking note of your supervisor’s comments.

Know How to Handle Criticism

Understanding that criticism is constructive and not a personal attack is important when meeting with a superior. Supervisors are not looking to tear you down on a personal level. They want to acknowledge what you’re doing and compare it to what you’re accomplishing.

Have a Game Plan

Have a goal in mind with a solid road map on how to get there. Employers really appreciate a “go-getter” mentality. If you are that type of employee who can design an achievable road map to success and actually accomplish it, you can solidify the respect of your peers and employers will recognize your value as an employee.

Highlight your Best Work

Can you back up your work with some career highlights? This will be necessary if you are potentially asking for a raise, additional responsibilities or a new role within your company.  These highlights are a mark of your milestones and may get overlooked unless it is formally compiled and presented. By being prepared with these highlights this will help solidify your case in moving forward with what you’re asking for.

Show Appreciation

Be thankful for the time spent going over all of your work and achievements. The design of reviews are to gauge performance and project a solid direction for the next review. By taking these things in stride and being well prepared, having a review should be something to look forward to!

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