6 Repeated Skype Interview Mistakes


Skype has become a preferred and easy way for organizations to conduct interviews with candidates living in distant places. In fact, the majority of multinational firms use Skype as the medium for conducting online interviews across the national boundaries. To give your best in a Skype interview, you have to be careful about some serious mistakes that can leave a bad impression on the recruiter. Take a look at what those mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Not Taking The Interview Seriously

This blunder is mentioned right at the top of the list because it is one of the most common. Potential employees sometimes do not take online interviews seriously since they are protected from the pressurized environment in the comfort of their own home. Consequently, they feel a little bit too relaxed. This behavior can annoy the employer right off the bat, starting the interview off on a bad note.  Never take an online interview lightly and keep a professional demeanor at all times.

Not Dressed in an Appealing Manner

Just because you are being interviewed from home, doesn’t mean you don’t need to follow a dress code.  A common mistake of the video interview process is wearing casual attire. Employers are always checking to ensure that you are dressed to impress from head to toe on a first interview. The person conducting the interview may even ask you to stand up and grab a document or pen just to see how professionally you are dressed.

Not Having a Good Internet Connection

HR managers are busy people. If a call is dropped, they may not bother to call you back, unless you’ve made a great impression on them. Instead, they will move to the next potential hire in the queue. Make sure you check your internet connection two or three times before the interview to ensure that it is working perfectly.

Not Sitting Straight

Sometimes interviewees do not sit straight and continuously move back and forth during the whole interview. It is frustrating and distracting for the interviewer to watch someone move around and slouch over. Remember that the way you sit or move shows a lot of different signs that you may not realize. For instance, tapping your fingers on the desk can show your state of stress. To show a professional attitude during the interview, sit straight and avoid making any moves or unattractive body language just as you would in person.

Not Well Prepared Beforehand

Oftentimes, potential hires provide less than impressive answers due to lack of preparation. No professional will deny the necessity of being prepared. Familiarizing yourself with the company and position will show the employer that you are ready to tackle the potential job immediately. Just because this interview is over Skype, doesn’t mean it will only cover surface topics. Be prepared for in depth questions about the company, along with the regular basic skill questions. Prepare yourself so you can be at your best, especially if video interviewing is a new process for you.

Not Responding with Confidence

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit uneasy with the online (Skype) interview if you are not used to it. However, if you show your uneasiness to the extent that you seem like you’re not confident, you could lose the opportunity. Practice in front of a mirror or even over Skype with a relative or friend. This will make you comfortable with your background, lighting, and the volume you are speaking at. These simple things alone will give you less to worry about during the interview and help you focus on your confidence!

Guest Author: Vanessa Collister is an academician by profession at a prominent firm, The Assignment Kingdom. She’s also an aficionado of Art and loves to visit prominent places that curate the best Art in the World.

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