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Making Remote Work Fun! : 5 Ideas for Team Engagement


Like thousands around the world, you and your team may be following the social distancing regulations put in place to protect everyone from the fast spreading COVID-19 virus. If you work for a company who traditionally operates in a shared office space, as opposed to a remote-based environment, working from home may be affecting your ability to connect and socialize as you usually do. It is important to take the time to interact as a team in order to bring back some sense of normalcy while we all endure these unpredictable times. The technology and software that we have today make it easier to collaborate on work, but why not use it to also help lift your teams spirits? Today, we want to share 5 fun ideas to enable group engagement while working from home! 

1. Company Pet Thread

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There's nothing that'll brighten your day like man's best friend. Have everyone in your group chat share a picture of their pets! You'd be surprised at how sharing pets with your co-workers will make for a fun lunch time conversation. 

2. Sharing Favorite Jams 


Everyone has that ONE song that will really fires up their energy and gets them pumped up for the work day. On Spotify, you can actually create a collaborative playlist that allows your team members to all throw in their favorite songs. From Zedd to Michael Jackson, these playlist can get really diverse! 

3. Online Lunch Gathering


Potlucks and Taco Tuesdays are events that have become increasingly popular at American offices. Although we may be working remotely, it wouldn't be a bad idea to all gather around your computer and log in for a team Zoom lunch! Perhaps you can all share your favorite recipe to whip up while working from home?

4. Group Exercise 


Every company has an employee or two who are passionate about fitness. It's proven that working out can help boost your immune system AND lift your spirits, both things being very important right now! Here at Kavaliro, we hosted a virtual dance class for Heart Health Month. You can courage those team members at your office to host a group exercise or yoga class online. It'd be a great way to get moving while remaining indoors. 

5. Virtual Happy Hour 

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At the end of the week, it's nice to look back at all the great things you and your team have accomplished. Grab a cold one, hop on a video call, and "wine down" as a collective team in celebration of all the hard work you've all been putting in at home. The virtual Happy Hour is a Kavaliro favorite. For as long as we're required to stay home due to coronavirus, we will be sure that our Virtual Happy Hours are scheduled every Friday.

Despite the distance, working remotely doesn't mean your team fun and engagement has to go anywhere. We are lucky to have the tools available to communicate with each other. Give one of these ideas a try and let us know how it went for you and your team! 

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