Kavaliro Newsletter - 2024 Q1

Kavaliro Newsletter - 2024 Q1

With the first quarter of the year behind us, we're thrilled to share the recent milestones and triumphs we've encountered in Q1. May this update serve as a testament to our hard work and collective accomplishments. We hope everyone has had a successful Q1!

Vet of the Quarter - Brad Dedmon, U.S. Air Force


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We are proud to recognize Brad Dedmon as Kavaliro's Veteran of the Quarter!

Meet Kavaliro's very own Brad Dedmon, a distinguished six-year veteran of the United States Air Force. Transitioning from his role as a Security Forces Airman in the USAF to an esteemed Resource Manager in our Jacksonville office, Brad embodies unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and pure selflessness.

During his time in the Air Force, Brad served with distinction at both MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL, and Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, AK, contributing his skills and expertise to the security and protection of our nation's assets and personnel. His unwavering commitment to duty and his fellow service members distinguished him as a leader amongst his peers.

Brad's dedication to service took him beyond the borders of the United States to Iraq, where he completed one tour at Balad Air Base. His courage and resolve in the face of adversity during this deployment serve as a testament to his strength of character and commitment to the mission.

When he’s not working, Brad's love for his family and friends shines through, reflecting his compassionate and caring nature. He finds joy and fulfillment in capturing life's moments through his passion for photography, a skill that allows him to creatively express himself and share his unique perspective with others.

Congratulations Brad and thank you for your service! 


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14th Annual Kavaliro Conference - "One Team One Dream"

Kavaliro held its 14th annual conference with a sports-themed "One Team One Dream." We were thrilled to have inspiring guest speakers such as Coach Dawkins and Shaquem Griffin, and the SAK Comedy Club provided delightful entertainment. The conference is a cherished time for us to unite from all corners of the country, celebrating last year's successes and planning this year's initiatives.  Thank you again to all our sponsors as well, we greatly appreciate your support. 

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12th Annual Kick Off For Kids

Mark your calendar and be part of an evening filled with delectable food, live music, exciting raffles, and more! Join us as we strive to raise funds to support 44 schools in the Central Florida region. It promises to be an unforgettable experience, and we are thrilled at the thought of having you there!

Learn more about Kickoff For Kids initiatives HERE.

Workforce Solutions

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Big Things for 2024

March witnessed a remarkable leap in US job growth, with the private sector adding an extraordinary 184,000 positions, headlined by gains across construction, financial services, and manufacturing, while wages for job switchers soared by 10%. This economic rally, underscored by ADP's latest employment report, not only highlights enthusiastic growth in key sectors but also brings small to large businesses together, contributing to a resilient workforce filled with remarkable opportunities.

Kavaliro stands ready to lead the industry, offering unmatched expertise to address all your Workforce Solutions needs. Contact us today!

Managed IT Services

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The Power of Digital Transformation

Many business owners think digital transformation is all about upgrading tech. But it's more than that! Digital Transformation helps streamline processes, enhance customer experience, and boost agility. The key is leveraging tech to drive growth. Don't just check the tech box - make continuous improvements.

Click Here to Check out Kavaliro’s MSP blog on digital transformation to help you differentiate between misconception and truth.

Project Services

Project Services Project Manager Receives Recognition

Our PSD team recently completed yet another project that took place in Annapolis MD and their work, especially the work of project manager Kishwar Alishan, received much praise from the client. See their accolades below.

"Kishwar is always a professional and works hard to have an answer for every person who turns to him for help. Kishwar takes his performance personally and constantly works to improve himself. He is also willing to put in long hours to make sure that all our projects are completed properly and that we get the results we are looking for.

I personally value and respect Kishwar for all he has done for my projects, and I will always recommend him for all KPIT support. I want to personally thank him for all he has done and his sacrifices toward our project's success."

Click here to read more about the expansion project!

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Kavaliro's Salesforce Team Has Reasons to Celebrate

Kavaliro has recently achieved Crest level Partner recognition – a remarkable milestone for our Salesforce Division!


Our Salesforce Team had an unforgettable experience at the Revenue & Commerce Cloud Sales Kick Off! It was an honor for Kavaliro to sponsor this extraordinary event that truly showcased the power of Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM). We were also handpicked to delve into learning the RLM tool, and now we're all set to get it running for your business today!

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New Jobs Available

New jobs are constantly being added on our website! Browse some of our recent listings by clicking below.