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Who is Your Workplace Hero?

Who inspires you to do great work? We asked the Kavaliro team to tell us about their workplace hero and why he or she is an inspiration in the workplace. Find out who motivates Kavaliro’s talented team to be awesome every day!

Steve Jobs

“I’d have to go with Steve Jobs as my workplace hero because he’s someone that I am familiar with and worked extremely hard. He stuck to what he believed in his heart would work and didn’t let anyone stray him from the path he knew he wanted to drive his work. He was nothing but Steve Jobs, and he certainly made a name for himself.”

– Kaity Ostrowsky, Account Manager

“Steve Jobs is my workplace hero. He had such a strong vision and didn’t waver it for anyone. His approach was very abrasive, but his workers respected and followed him wherever he needed them to go. It just shows that he took care of his employees and they trusted him to the end. He required them to think outside the box and to change their thinking to make their product the best. I think it’s so transferrable to any industry and really makes me respect and admire him.”

– Noelle Cipollini, Resource Manager

Oprah Winfrey

“My workplace hero is Oprah Winfrey because I admire her activism and charity. As a philanthropist, entrepreneur, actress and producer, Oprah Winfrey encompasses all aspects of a workplace idol. I feel blessed to have grown up with such inspiration and truly feel her success and fame is well deserved.”

– Erica Garcia, Administrative Assistant

J.K. Rowling

“My workplace hero would be J.K. Rowling. Before her success as an author, Rowling was divorced with a child and living on welfare. She set aside the unessential and focused on the work that mattered to her. With her old typewriter and a big idea, she wrote the Harry Potter series. With determination and an even greater imagination, she wrote a series that is responsible for some of the highest grossing movies of all time. In turn, those movies were responsible for attractions that have brought in millions of dollars for Universal Studios. With the combination of the books, movies, attractions, merchandise and a growing fan base, the idea J.K. had is now responsible for her net worth of $1 billion dollars. Despite a tough situation, she turned one idea–driven by imagination–into something far greater than she could have initially thought possible.”

– David Gilcher, Lead Resource Manager

Helen Donegan

“My workplace hero is Helen Donegan, VP of Community Relations for UCF.  While I respect the work she does at UCF (you know a college has its share of PR nightmares) I most respect the work she does in the community.  She is active with the United Way in many ways and created the United Way Council of Women, a group that focuses United Way efforts for women in need in the Central Florida area. She also founded a networking group called the Friends of Helen Executive Women’s Networking Group. This group is made up local women and aimed at furthering women in business.”

– Stephanie Bruha, Operations Manager

Evan Spiegel

“I really admire Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat. When Evan turned down a $3 billion cash acquisition offer from Facebook, I was extremely impressed. Evan has a vision of what he wants with his company in the long run and wouldn’t let an offer from Zuckerberg change his mind. Evan not only has an incredible product, he has morals, and I like that.”

– Jarrod Farmer, Resource Manager

John A. Delaney

“John A. Delaney is my workplace hero simply for the huge economic and social impact he has had on the Jacksonville area. Besides his 2 terms as Mayor of Jacksonville, the University of North Florida has improved drastically both in student accommodations as well as education under his term as President. His passion for the University and the City of Jacksonville is why he is my workplace hero.”

– Tim Davis, Resource Manager

Gary Vaynerchuck, Mark Cuban and Marcus Lemonis

“There are a few individuals in the workplace that I admire. I had a chance to meet Gary Vaynerchuck a few times over the last few years, including when Kavaliro was honored for earning our third Inc. 500 award in Washington, D.C.  I love his hustle and I really enjoyed reading his book ‘Crush IT.’  Also, like myself, he is a long suffering NY Jets fan.”

“I had the chance to hear Mark Cuban speak this past year at an event in Nashville, TN. I love his story, how he made his fortune and what he has done with the Dallas Mavericks. He’s never afraid to speak his mind and always willing to tell you where he stands.”

“I’m a big fan of Marcus Lemonis’ show on CNBC, ‘The Profit.’  His business philosophies are very simple: People, Product and Processes. They’re simple to follow and used every day at Kavaliro. These simple philosophies can be used with any business in today’s times.”

– Bill Peppler, Managing Partner

Marcus Luttrell

"Marcus Luttrell is my hero because he never quit in the face of overwhelming adversity, but was humble enough to know when he needed help."

– Mark Moore, President

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