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Why a Resume Objective Should be a Powerful Branding Statement

According to the outdated format of resume writing, a candidate for a new job should open their resume with an objective statement to describe their personal and professional goals. However with the aggressive and innovative methodologies of Words Prevail, we have reinvented the concept of an objective statement and have transformed the practice into a “branding statement” for the resumes we compose for our clients. The resume objective is no longer to describe a candidates goals but rather to brand you and your resume. 

What exactly is a branding statement?

It is a powerful and succinct statement utilized in the beginning of one’s resume to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competition.

In a volatile economy with skyrocketing unemployment rates, it is preeminent to differentiate yourself from thousands of other candidates. In traditional objective statements, a job description is basically reiterated and is an indication of how you will fill an organizational hierarchy. In a branding statement, you are composing a memorable, brief statement on your greatest strengths and talents, as well as sharing information on who your expertise will serve. It is basically a statement of positioning and targeting.

Consider the following examples where we compare and contrast a boring, outdated, traditional objective statement with an exciting, proactive, and eye-catching branding statement:

Example 1: The targeted position is for an HR Director

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a HR Management position where my professional experience and education will allow me to make an immediate contribution as an integral part of a progressive company. Wishing to apply my business experience and education to assist the company in the accomplishment of its goals.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail:
Senior Human Resources Executive creating employee-oriented, high-performance culture emphasizing diversity, goal attainment, and superior workforce optimization. Utilizes process-oriented approach to transform struggling organizations in cross-cultural, rapid growth environments and leads award-winning training management strategies.

Example 2: The targeted position is for a Director of Marketing

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a marketing management position with an organization where demonstrated skills in marketing, administration, and sales can be utilized to increase profitability and to promote growth.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Marketing Executive leveraging entrepreneurial vision, branding, and eCommerce specialization to deliver lucrative results for rapid-growth corporations. Identifies long-term opportunities to produce high-impact ROI and increase customer outreach with cost-centric solutions. Elevates usability, traffic, and security.

Example 3: The targeted position is an Accounting Manager in Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a financial planning and analysis position where I can prepare financial and business-related analysis and research in such areas as financial and expense performance, rate of return, depreciation, working capital, and investments.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager improving capital structure, shareholder value, and business growth. Uncovers financial and operational performance trends, devising corrective actions, reducing capital spending, and orchestrating analytical tools. Skilled in acquisitions, divestiture planning, and restructure planning.

Example 4: The targeted position is for a Senior Sales Professional (Pharmaceutical Representative)

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a senior sales position to sell product lines, be a reliable source of information, and support the promotional effort behind products. Demonstrates great interpersonal effectiveness and grows revenue.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Sales Executive leveraging expertise in partnership building, territory penetration, and market share acceleration. Catalyzes revenue generation and drives new product launches, resource acquisition and utilization, and brand awareness while steering companies to capitalize on new opportunities with entrepreneurial strategy.

Example 5: The targeted position is for a Senior Geologist and Project Manager with American Geotechnical, Inc

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a position to study the science of geology and apply it to construction, planning environmental measures, and exploring sources for coal, metal, petroleum, and natural gas. Manages teams effectively and provides great customer satisfaction.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Geologist/Project Manager leveraging expertise in engineering, natural disaster analysis, sedimentology, petrology, remote sensing, and historical geology tours. Steers development of geologic maps, boring logs, cross-sections, and proposal preparation. Drives customer-focused solutions and delivers insight on current industry issues/trends to fortify retention and satisfaction levels.

Example 6: The targeted position is for a Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSSE) Manager with Tropical Bioenergia, S.A.

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a HSSE position to plan, coordinate, and implement issues and directives within an organization. Ensures safe environmental working conditions for all employees.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Environmental, Safety, Health, and Sustainability Executive driving strategic planning to identify and minimize environmental impacts and create measurable financial value. Catalyzes corporations to take social and economic responsibility by launching risk management solutions, enhancing core business competitiveness, and amplifying value to stakeholders, employees, and multinational enterprises.

In order to be called upon for opportunities and to have your resume outshine the thousands of other applicants, you need to demonstrate a specific area of expertise. To survive and thrive in a digital world and volatile economy, you have to choose a topic and master it. Your branding statement should reflect this in a dynamic way.

 Guest author, Victoria (Tori) Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail

Kavaliro Employment Agency, has offices in Tampa, Charlotte, Orlando and Washington, D.C. and can make sure you find the right people for this important role. We are ready and waiting to help you anytime and look forward to hearing from you.

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