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When Reality Hits – Life and Employment After College

By: Tyler Wilson

As a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida, I have been quickly introduced to the real world. And let me tell you, it has been great now that I’m finally independent. But, at the same time, I’m still wondering how in the world I’m gonna survive! Lucky for me, the last year of college was a business and life boot camp, so at least I know what I have gotten myself into. The only true test that lies ahead is actually applying what I learned. I do not want to completely flop, where I have to move back in with my parents (I just cringed thinking about that).

Pick One That Fits

The first step, in not moving back home after college, is choosing the company that is the right fit for you to work at. As in, what needs should be fulfilled to let work not seem like a job. I am very competitive so, naturally, I was drawn to a sales environment. I also needed something that was going to empower me to make my own decisions and get the most out of what my business offers me. Most importantly, I knew that the biggest factor in becoming that very successful sales person is to be there to help your clients and be a real person, not just another guy out there trying to make a quick buck.

Kavaliro: My Match Made in Heaven

After spending literally months in and out of the office, it was easy to decide that Kavaliro was the company for me. If you’ve ever been exposed to staffing, you know that the person to fire the most bullets the fastest wins. So, naturally, my need for competition was satisfied. As far as being empowered is concerned, I am a brand new recruiter and have already been given the responsibility of managing my own accounts. This is definitely a testament to on the job training. I have literally been thrown into the fire. Last but not least, the company culture of Kavaliro is awesome! The main reason I wanted to get into sales in the first place was because I said that I never wanted to be stuck in an office. Although that is definitely the case as of right now, I can honestly say that there is never a dull moment here. Here at Kavaliro, they understand that the harder you work, the harder you play! And the key to surviving this mentality is being true to who you are, to clients and even candidates.

Just One Degree

The last key to surviving this dog eat dog world, in this recovering economy, is to just work hard. Whether you’re in staffing, selling copy machines or even a financial advisor, you have to push yourself to go the extra mile. Do you know how many degrees separates hot water from boiling water? Just 1 degree! That’s right. Once water boils, it produces steam and that steam can power a locomotive (I know some of you reading this have heard it before, but it’s so true). That one degree difference can determine you creating an important business relationship or getting that promotion you know you deserve. My superiors always tell me to think, “What do you think Joe Shmoe recruiter at X company is doing right now as you are talking to me? He’s recruiting! Is he a better recruiter than you? Probably not, but if he puts in enough work, he’s bound to land a few deals!” No matter where you work, it’s all about putting in those long hours.

Take the Stairs: It's Worth it

Hopefully, by now, you know what to do when reality hits and your sitting at your desk wondering, “is this the right choice?” or “what do I do to become the best?” To end, I will leave you with a quote that I have burned into the back of my brain and I believe we can all agree with. “There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs!”

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