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How To Write The Perfect Thank You Letter After An Interview

The thank you note is an art that must be practiced and perfected. Here are a few examples of really great thank you emails, cards, and messages along with some helpful tips to write the perfect thank you letter after an interview.

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How To Deal With Dyslexia at Work Part 2

Before you read any furthur we highly recomend that you read How To Deal With Dyslexia at Work Part 1, so this will make more since. If you don't have time, well I am Kati Watson, I work at Kavaliro and I have dyslexcia. This article has been...

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How to Deal with Dyslexia at Work Part 1


I am Kati Watson and I am the Coorporate Marketing Manager here at Kavaliro. You see me like all the time and you don't even know it! I am behind everything social, most blog posts, some webdesign stuff and well a whole lot more. I am also...

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3 Reasons You Should Trust IT Staffing Agencies

There is no way around it Staffing Agencies exist and will continue to, as long as companies are hiring. If you are a mid-level Android Developer, there is a 99% chance someone has called from a tech staffing agency asking if you were looking for...

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Email Anxiety- What Causes it and How to Avoid it at Work

Let’s talk about your anxiety, your email anxiety. Those two words sound oddly ridiculous next to each other, email anxiety. I mean come on, people have way more important things to be anxious about. According to a recent survey of 503 employees...

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How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions

Congratulations on the upcoming interview! Now it is time to prepare for it. Tech staffing firm, Kavaliro, knows how nerve-wracking this experience can be, so we are here to offer some advice on what interview questions you might be asked and how...

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8 Steps to Build A Personal Mission Statement

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

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