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Top 10 Skills Employers Are Looking For

internshipMainImageb-300x195-260x195.jpg1. Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written)

Being a clear, concise and effective communicator is critical in the workplace. This skill is evaluated based upon your initial interaction with the hiring manager. Think of this as your "first impression" skill.

Having the ability to listen, write, speak effectively and facilitate communication is absolutely critical in whatever profession you are engaged in. The bottom line is that if you can communicate well - and have the ability to showcase this - you have a leg-up on the competition.

2. Analytical & Research Skills

Every potential employer is seeking employees who exemplify improvement. No work environment is perfect, so this is an ongoing opportunity to showcase your skill. Your ability to assess a situation, identify potential solutions and then execute accordingly is critical in the workplace. This skill is heightened if you are able to view the situation from all perspectives.

3. Self Motivation

Be proactive! Put forward your ideas and solutions. Every employer seeks a candidate who is reliable, takes initiative and works hard - so be ready to take action at any time.

Showcase your work ethic. Demonstrate that you can work without supervision and fulfill your commitments. Show up on time and be someone your employer can depend on. Exceed your job description.

4. Teamwork

Work confidently within a group and let your voice be heard. Maintain effective communication and a cohesive bond between your coworkers. Because so many opportunities involve working in a group setting, you must have the ability to work well with others while maintaining professionalism.

5. Technical Skills

These are what you need to actually perform your work. In today's world, most jobs require an understanding of computer hardware and software; including e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets. This skill set can translate across the job board, but varies depending on the job.

6. Strength of Character

It is important to maintain your self-identity in the workplace. You need to stand up for yourself, defend your ideas and opinions and stand by what you believe in. Employers want leaders who can set an example to the rest of the employees so that they too can act with strength of character.

7. Interpersonal Skills

These skills are a way for employers to see how you relate to other people within your team as well as people outside of the organization. This can be measured by how you handle yourself in stressful situations, how you treat people and what your level of emotional intelligence is. Given that we spend majority of our day in the workplace, it is crucial that you possess the ability to relate to your coworkers, inspire others and minimize conflict.

8. Flexibility/Adaptability

This deals with your ability to manage multiple assignments and tasks while setting priorities and adapting to changing conditions. Employers desire a strong but flexible team player who thrives in an environment where they are asked to effectively prioritize and juggling multiple tasks.

9. Planning/Organizing

This deals with your ability to effectively plan, organize, and execute within an allotted timeframe. It also involves goal-setting. Employers seek a results-driven achiever with a strong sense of detail orientation and time management.

10. Problem Solving Skills

The key to handling problems in a professional manner is not to let your emotions get in the way. Employers value an employee they can trust and do not have to micromanage constantly. Analyze the problem and examine the underlying causes before coming up with a solution and the means to achieving it.

Showcase your skills! Look for ways to display the skills that employers want during every step of your job search. This includes your resume, your cover letter, interviews, in your follow-up and even on social networking sites. Improving these skills is never-ending, so continue to build on them once you start your new opportunity. In using our top 10 skills employers are looking for you are sure to get noticed. 

-Meredith Findling, Resource Manager at Kavaliro

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