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The Rise of Mobile Apps in Job Searches

Mobile applications have revolutionized our everyday lives. From depositing checks to live streaming television content, it appears there isn’t much our smartphones cannot do.  Conversely, it appears there isn’t much we can do without our smartphones. However, can mobile apps be trusted with the serious matter of landing a lucrative job? Recent studies indicate strongly that the answer is: yes.


“Some 70 percent of the traffic coming to employment sites these days is via mobile,” says Bill Peppler, managing partner at Kavaliro.

In the same way people depend on mobile apps to stay informed about friends, family and current events, those seeking employment are now depending on mobile devices and apps to find a suitable job. Surveys conducted by Kelton Research reveal 86 percent of job seekers with a smartphones are using their devices in searching for jobs. Mobile app users are clicking on more job postings and spending a greater amount of time searching through these mobile job sites. This increase in mobile traffic is creating a visible shift in the job search industry.

According to Michael Pantello, Major Account Executive with Careerbuilder.com, this growing trend of traffic has generated more than 21 million visitors to the site’s mobile version. They have also seen a variety of mobile traffic activity that includes the following:

  • 15% of all applications sent to CareerBuilder come from a mobile device
  • 31% of all searches performed on CareerBuilder happen from mobile device
  • 50% of all recommendation emails that CareerBuilder sent to candidates opened on a mobile device

The appeal of apps to those who are job hunting is obvious. Applicants enjoy push notifications about new job postings and the ability to react instantaneously. Apps also provide a discrete means of searching for a job. This is important, especially when candidates are already employed.  Mostly, mobile apps allow users to search for their next job from the comfort of anywhere and at their convenience. But what may not be so obvious to job seekers is the capability of mobile apps to tap into the elusive hidden job market. Through traditional means, the majority of positions are unadvertised and thus, difficult to attain without an extensive professional network. Even with the advent of LinkedIn and Facebook, it is impossible to have a network large enough to keep up-to-date on every opportunity available in any given industry. Mobile apps are effectively unearthing the unadvertised job market.

However, it’s not just candidates who demand flexibility in the digital age; employers crave the connectivity and the larger pool of applicants mobile apps offer. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that an estimated 25 percent of Fortune 500 companies currently offer mobile-friendly sites and apps. Companies are utilizing the recent boom of technology and implementing its resources in everyday business.

app_2With very few staffing companies offering a job search app, Kavaliro looked to create an app that connected jobseekers to its online job portal which provides live updates daily.

"For us, the app was something we wanted as a mobile solution where people could search jobs all across the country," Peppler said. "We noticed that our website traffic had been shifting over to mobile traffic and thought it was an opportunity to put Kavaliro in the hands of an actual app."

The Kavaliro Job Search App allows users to favorite job postings and come back to them later and unlike many job apps on the market, is free of charge and requires no sign-up or membership. Whether your dream job is next door or states away, the app has national listings. Users can solely depend on the app because Kavaliro will also seek to place applicants in a different job if the one they applied for did not work out.

As the world becomes more mobile, inevitably so will the job market. Researchers predict mobile job traffic to grow exponentially in the coming years. By embracing this growing trend, Kavaliro is capitalizing on increasing mobile use helping it emerge as an industry innovator.

Kavaliro Employment Agency has offices in Tampa, Fla., Charlotte, N.C., Orlando, Fla., Washington, D.C., and Jacksonville, Fla. and can make sure you find the right people for this important role. We are ready and waiting to help you anytime and look forward to hearing from you.

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