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#SquadGoals: Motivating Your Millennial Sales Team

Managing a staff of millennial sales people doesn’t necessarily mean your slang needs to be “on fleek,” but it does mean understanding the motivations and goals of the rising generation. See below for a few tips from Kavaliro on how to perfect your “millennial-managing” skills.

The Balancing Act
When it comes to millennials, the defining goal has become finding the key to the elusive “work-life balance.” This generation craves professional experiences that make them feel personally fulfilled, but they also want opportunities to enjoy life through travel, artistic ventures, social gatherings and self-care. By acknowledging the millennial strive for personal happiness over excessive monetary gain, you will be one step closer to understanding the goals that drive Generation Y.

The standard nine-to-five work schedule doesn’t usually suit the lifestyle of the millennial generation. Flexible hours will be a motivator to get work done efficiently, so one can enjoy their personal time. You can trust that when deadlines approach, young go-getters understand the need to stay late and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Get Schooled
The industrious millennials will appreciate opportunities to learn on the job. They see great value in continuing their education throughout their lives. Provide them with exceptional training and encourage internal growth to keep them satisfied in their work life.

Helping Hands
Millennials are known for their fierce dedication to teamwork. If you need help, all you have to do is ask! You will find them to be generous with their time and knowledge. Millennial workers will be proud to make a contribution and support the success of those around them.

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