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Resume for Success

By: Kyle Israel
Constructing a great resume may be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in finding a new job. At a minimum, I look at over 50 resumes on a daily basis. On most occasions, if I reach out to a candidate, it’s because they have sparked my “interest” completely based on my first glance of their resume. After that, I look for the basics.

Be Relevant

The first thing I notice in a resume is the relevance to the position for which you have applied. So, try to make your resume relevant if you want it to be viewed! Most candidates know what field of work they plan to step into. Consider what a recruiter may be looking for in a resume for that field of work. In other words, make sure you tailor your resume to fit the specific position you have applied for. Any related experience that you have, regarding that specific field of work, should be made prevalent and noticeable in your resume. Add key words to the resume that you think a recruiter may use when searching for specific skill sets as well.

Keep it in Order

Next, make sure your job history is in chronological order! This may be one of the most frustrating issues for a recruiter. If your work history is in chronological order, it makes the process that much easier. Start with your most recent position and work back chronologically from there. I am asked more questions about prior work history than anything else from clients. So, this can be an extremely important piece to the “puzzle.”

Review for Errors

Finally, the most basic aspect of any resume is correct spelling and grammar. There have been times when I could have spent 15-20 minutes just fixing misspelled words and grammatical errors in a resume. On behalf of all recruiters across the country, please take a moment to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct before you submit your resume over to us! Taking that simple step may be the difference between getting your resume in front of a client and getting it tossed in the recycling bin.

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