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March Madness 2014

It’s that time again! Kavaliro will soon kick off their office’s annual March Madness events. This year Kavaliro has incorporated its strong community values into their office competition!

March Madness is the popular term for the fan frenzied and fast paced NCAA Basketball tournament that occurs during the month of March every year. The rapid speed of scheduled games and long list of teams competing gives this event it’s “madness” title. Fans participate by creating a process of elimination type bracket where they guess which team will be the final champion. Over the years the competition has made its way into offices across the nation. The spirit of the competition gives coworkers a chance to compete for possible incentives. It also allows them to bond and find camaraderie after the watching the games, and recapping together the next day.

Kavaliro uses March Madness for this exact purpose each year. Instead of trying to keep the excitement at bay during the work day, Kavaliro promotes the team bonding of the competition. The leadership team has found that it is a great way to bring together employees from each branch including Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Charlotte and Washington D.C. In the past, the competitive nature and cooperation it takes to develop a bracket with a team has helped develop unique skills that transfer into the daily routine at Kavaliro. This year, Kavaliro plans to kick off its office competition on March 20th to get its teams excited.

Teams will consist of one Team Captain/Athlete (read about our in office athletes here) and four team members from each branch. Each team will meet up or Skype to their long distance team mates and choose their picks for the March Madness bracket. The way the prize works for the competition this year is that each team will choose a charity to play for. In the end, Kavaliro will make a donation to the winning team’s charity!

At the core of Kavaliro is a community of people who come from all different places and experiences, which is why giving back is always a top priority for the company. The March Madness competition gives Kavaliro a chance to bond as a team. The team who wins will certainly feel victorious, but all of Team Kavaliro will feel like winners because they are giving back to a great cause. Good luck to all of our teams!!



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