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Kavaliro Realizes the Importance of “Going Social”

By: John Puthoff
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. These social media names have become rather significant as they have effectively altered the way we perceive our online communication and interaction. “Friend request me”, a statement many would have found absurd just a few years ago, is now commonly understood. Social media has not only perpetrated an individuals’ personal life, but also ones’ professional life. It is no hidden secret that one can successfully use social media to look for and apply to jobs directly. Moreover, companies often tweet their internal positions on Twitter and one can follow companies on LinkedIn in order to learn of job opportunities, company info and much more. While social media is certainly a great resource, it needs to be approached with caution. Because, once we are ‘social’, we are always ‘social’. It is, hence, my goal in this article to highlight our social media experience here at Project Resource and discuss both advantages and some incurred hurdles.

About Social Media in Project Resource

Kavaliro is a dynamic and fast-growing specialized recruitment agency, serving the information technology, financial and infrastructure industries. As Project Resource aspires to be the leader in its field, we realize that using social media can contribute to our success. As such, we now have active accounts on all of the main social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Each of these helps us achieve different goals, jointly contributing to the main message we seek to convey to employers and job seekers.

Social Media Avenues

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for getting professional contacts, recommendations and attracting skilled individuals to use a company’s services. Twitter, on the other hand, is ideal for posting live job opportunities that are currently available. Once a follower, one can easily stay up to date with as many as 25 jobs that we post daily. This is really convenient for anyone looking for jobs in the industries that we specialize in. Lastly, our Facebook page is used to help build both professional and social connections within Kavaliro. Our connections, as of August 6, 2010, have soared to over 1250 fans, just 4 weeks after going live. In fact, one can now simply click the ‘work for us’ tab on our page to review and apply for our open job vacancies directly on Facebook. To foster further engagement, we also regularly run career-related contests. Our first contest featured a short quiz about Project Resource. After answering all of the questions correctly, the winner got a chance to get her CV professionally edited by one of our experts for free.

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