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Jobs Lagging? Don’t Tell That to the Tech Industries!

Tech jobs
While the U.S. economy continues to slowly inch along in its economic recovery, there are a number of indicators that suggest certain high-tech industries are well ahead of the curve. In fact, there are those who suggest that, even with national unemployment hovering just under 9%, tech hiring has begun to reach a frenzied pace that rivals that of the dot-com boom of a decade ago.

Supporting that assessment is a recent USA Today article by Jon Swartz, which goes into a lengthy discussion about the emerging boom in technology related hiring. The piece described, at length, the increasing demand for top talent in the fields of cloud computing, computer engineering, wireless communications, and clean tech.

This Bloomberg article by Oliver Staley, Douglas MacMillan and Cecile Vannucci also suggests that the timing is right for recent college graduates in the finance, engineering, and technology related disciplines. Tech companies are filling in the void created by substantial layoffs during the 2007-2010 economic setback, and then some.

Indeed, it seems to be an ‘arms race’ of sorts for top tech firms looking to grab a larger piece of the ‘emerging technologies pie’. We at Kavaliro are seeing significant signs of exactly the sort of job recovery that the aforementioned articles reference. Information technology, clean tech, and smart grid solutions (see our smart grid blog post from April 21) have been particularly hot in markets that we serve.

Diane Mahony, Kavaliro's CEO, explains the trends that Kavaliro is seeing across the country, stating, "We are seeing tremendous growth in needs for software developers across the country. This includes Microsoft .Net, C#, and Java Developers. We are also seeing an increased demand for technical support personnel including help desk and desktop support technicians.  Another area that continues to be a real need is consultants with Microsoft SharePoint experience. A good portion of these positions are project-based, but we are also seeing a demand for permanent level opportunities as well. This is a complete turnaround from even twelve months prior. Kavaliro's exclusive database and industry partnerships allows us to be on the forefront of this phenomenon and have the consultants ready at a moments notice to meet your demanding project needs."

Both of our primary office locations, Orlando and Charlotte (click the links to learn more about each city’s emerging tech scene), have made significant strides towards becoming major east coast technology hubs. Orlando’s growing high-tech corridor, anchored by the University of Central Florida (UCF) and spanning the entire southeast quadrant of the metropolitan area, has become a home base for simulation, training, testing, and bio-medical research. Charlotte has undergone similar growth in energy related fields, as a number of major power producers and researchers have made the mid-Atlantic state their home base.

With so much movement occurring within the tech sectors, employers and potential employees alike are wise to seek expert council with respect to their respective hiring and job search endeavors. That is where Kavaliro comes in. We have extensive experience within these disciplines, and know exactly what each party is looking for in the other. Let our expertise be your guide as you navigate these exciting times in our nation’s economic recovery by contacting a Kavaliro staffing specialist today.

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