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Increase in Seasonal Hiring for 2014

It’s that time of the year again – seasonal hiring is in full swing. Find out what’s new in hiring trends for 2014 and check out Angel Diaz’s article in The Staffing Stream!

According to a recent study by Career Builder, two in five retailers (43%) plan to hire seasonal worker this year, which is an increase from last year’s 39%. In other industries, 26% plan to hire seasonal employees in Q4, and 42% of these companies plan to transition some seasonal staff members into full-time, permanent roles.

When it comes to holiday hiring, staffing firms have a number of variables to take into consideration.

Though seasonal hiring happens mostly in retail and shipping, other industries may have the need to bring on temporary employees through the end of the year. When this does occur, agencies have to realize the opportunities that this will create.

As odd is it may sound, here at Kavaliro we have seen some staffing firms turn down seasonal hiring because of the extra work that it will create (i.e.  Payroll, New Hire Documentation).  While this may be true for some firms, others may turn this business down because of a few other reasons; jobs may be too low level, duration may not be long enough, not enough revenue made from these positions.

Typically, holiday hiring will be 1-2 months long and it will be for multiple openings.  This is a great chance for a staffing firm to prove they are better than the competition and show a hiring manager that they are reliable when in dire need.

Here are a few ways to look at seasonal hiring in a positive way.

  • A great spike to revenue for the end of year depending on the amount of hires
  • Staffing firms should never think that this is the only business that they will get from the client—they may prove to be a great client in the future
  • The holiday hiring may not just last through the holidays—that 2 month contract may turn into a long term deal. It is very common for temporary engagements to be extended, regardless if it is the holiday season or not
  • Word of Mouth—that one client that you just helped out may go to someone in their network and tell them what you did. This will greatly improve your chances getting an additional client.  Your reputation is created by those you serve

With pros there are usually some cons.  All the above mentioned possibilities are wonderful but we have to realistic as well.  Some of these companies may only need you for the holidays and never call you again.  A spike in revenue is great, knowing that it will end soon.  That extension may not happen.

Though your firm may be think it’s be beneficial or not, it is a great way to engage potential customers for future business opportunities.

Kavaliro Employment Agency has offices in Tampa, Fla., Charlotte, N.C., Orlando, Fla., Washington, D.C., and Jacksonville, Fla. and can make sure you find the right people for this important role. We are ready and waiting to help you anytime and look forward to hearing from you.


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