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How To Write The Perfect Thank You Letter After An Interview

The thank you note is an art that must be practiced and perfected. Here are a few examples of really great thank you emails, cards, and messages along with some helpful tips to write the perfect thank you letter after an interview.

A typical thank you note outline should follow a format similar to this.

Dear Name,

Thank you so much for [a specific thing that person did].

I feel that [insert something regarding how you feel about the company or position].

I hope to [inset what you are hoping to accomplish, second interview, meet the team]. I look forward to hearing back from you on next steps.

Thank you,

Your name

Pro Tip:  Include more information about conversations discussed during the interview. This shows you were listening and that something stood out to you.

1. The Hand Written Note

Pros: Shows you took time to sit down and write a letter.

Cons: Takes time to get to your interviewer because it has to be sent in the snail mail.


While not every letter is as fancy as this one (we love custom stationary) letters should be written on a higher quality paper, in cursive, and be to the point. This letter thanks Kelly for a specific thing that she did for the writer and notices something about the company.

Side note: Seal Wax Kits can be really inexpensive Amazon has them for roughly $8.

2. The Email

Pro: Instant communication to hiring manager post interview

Con: Can get lost in the email shuffle

Email 1

This is an excellent example of a follow up email. It is clear, concise and right to the point. It thanks the interviewers, expresses interest and then follows up with next steps.

3. The Combo

Pro: Buys you time to send a letter

Con: None Really


This prefect thank you is the combination of the email and the hand written note. The email is an instant reminder of the person interviewed to the hiring manager. Then a few days later when the letter shows up boom, a nice second touch reminding the interviewer of who you are. The second thank you communication can bring you to the front of the managers mind all while interviewing others!

Pro Tip: Keep stationary in the car so as soon as you get out of the interview you can write a thank you note and pop it in the mail on your way home.

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