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How to Deal with Social Media and Work

Social media is the best! From pictures of cute animals doing cute things to staying informed and up to date on the news, 3.48 Billion people use social media. With all those people using social media you are bound to run into your co-workers, and with the lines of work and home life blurring, it is essential to have a few rules on how to deal with co-workers.

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1. Watch What You Post

While you might not think your boss is looking at your tweets, they could be. It is important to remember with every post or like, that you are being watched. If you would not tell people in the office that you support a specific ideology, you might want to stay away from posting that content on your social media accounts.

2. Know Who Can See You

If you are worried about your boss or co-workers seeing you on social, you should think about changing your account to private. Most of the social media platforms now have settings that will allow you to decide what you want to show to who. Editing your settings will allow you to friend who you want and post what you want. Just be warned that your co-workers, who you are friends with on social media, might tell others in the office about what you post.

3. Have A Plan

There is nothing wrong with not following people at work! Just know that if you follow one person and not others, it may make other team members wonder what you are hiding from them. It is best to have a blanket policy for yourself when it comes to who you follow and who you don't.

4. Avoid Social?

Some people don't want the headache of managing their different social groups. Getting off social media is an option. Depending on who you work with or your industry, this might be the best choice!

5. Hide Who You Are

There is nothing wrong with using a pseudonym to hide who you are! If you need a social profile for work, use your real name, then create a secondary account for your personal thoughts. Having two profiles is a common practice by lots of individuals. It allows you to be reachable but does not stifle your ability to share your thoughts.

6. Clean It Up

If you want to keep your profile completely public and friend everyone that is more than okay! However, make sure your profile it tidy and work appropriate! While a lot of us store our memories on our social media profiles, you might not want your boss to see pictures of you at Halloween parties in college. If you decided to be open with your profile, make sure nothing can be detrimental to you professionally.

The rules to keep yourself out of hot water with your co-workers and managers are pretty simple for your social media. Just remember if you are not willing to tell your co-worker or show them in person, then it probably does not belong on social media .

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