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6 Goals To Accomplish In 2018

Well it happened again, we made it through another year and 2018 is here. Time flies when you are working hard! Last year our team set some personal goals to accomplish in 2017, and as we look at what we have accomplished, we now focus on what we will do next. This year we are focusing on just 6 goals to accomplish in 2018!New Year Goals SM

 1. Manage Time Better

This may sounds pretty straightforward but as some of us found out last year it is not simple at all.


  • Try scheduling as many aspects of your day as possible. Well, at least your work time. Schedule time for meetings, for email responses, and for social media surfing. By scheduling things out, you don't allow any time for unnecessary tasks.
  • Make lists for as many things as possible. Whether you use good old fashion pen and paper or a list app like Wunderlist, it does not matter. Making lists decreases the amount of clutter in your mind and allows you to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about all the millions of tasks you have to do.
2. Strengthen Business Connections

Sounds easy enough, but strengthening business connections can take a lot of work. This applies not only to those outside your company but also when reinforceing your internal business connections.

Activity to try:

  • Pick one day of the week to meet with a team member for lunch or coffee. If you both are swamped and cannot leave the office, try having a 20-minute lunch break. By the end of the year, you will have had 52 team lunches, strengthening your team and your bond.
  • Pick one day of the week to meet with a business connection for lunch or happy hour. This should not be a sales meeting but a time when you can build a stronger relationship with clients or potential clients.
3. Take A Trip

Sounds strange for a 2018 work style goal list to tell you to take a trip right? Well, oddly enought, it can be beneficial. Going on a trip increases your work-life balance. Yes, we all want to work all the time because we all love our jobs, but sometimes it is best to get away.

Trip Ideas:

  • Take a half day on a Friday and take a weekend trip. Go up to the mountains, to the beach, or even just go camping in your backyard. The only rule- no computers or emails (unless it's from a supervisor).
  • Permanently disconnect yourself by taking a cruise! Cruises make you pay for wifi (most of the time) so take the time to unwind. Oh, they are also an enjoyable ways to get some sun, eat great food, and take lots of naps.
  • Be bold, and take a week off from work. Plan a road trip, full of good tunes, and good people. Use the week to drive and explore a new city or go visit all those obscure landmarks you have always wanted to see - here we come World’s Largest Ball of Twine (it’s real and it’s in Kansas)!
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4. Try Something New

We left this vague on purpose, so here are some ideas. Oh, and you can tell us what you have tried and how well it worked or didn't work by emailing us at, marketing@kavaliro.com.

New things to try:

  • New kind of food
  • New nail salon (if you are a guy just try a nail salon)
  • New internet browser
  • New scheduling techniques (hint see above)
  • New wall color for your dining room
5. Say Yes to Less

This year we are seriously going to say yes to less. Saying yes to everything all the time can be damaging to your career. You can become overworked and stressed. Which can damage your personal life as well. Saying yes all the time teaches you to become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Ways to say No:

  • Send the question to the source "I think Debbie in Accounting would be able to get you those numbers faster than I can."
  • Explain what else you are working on "I would love to help but, I currently have to finish some TPS reports by the end of the day, and I know that it will take me all day to finish them."
  • Check out this Infographic from Entrepreneur!
6. Impact The World

How are you making a difference in the world? This is one of our biggest goals this year at Kavaliro, for our team members, and as a company. This year we are committed to doing more for the community around us. We won't give you specific tips on how to impact the world around you but if you can't think of anything, check out our favorite 501-c3 Kick Off For Kids. Whatever you decide to do to make a change in the world, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email about your Impact the World projects to marketing@kavaliro.com.

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