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From Babies to the Boardroom

By: Danielle Demaree Peppler
The decision to return to work can be daunting for most moms. “How can I manage being CEO of the household and balance a work schedule?” The answer is simple: “with help”! According to www.employmentdigest.net, women make up 51% of the white collar workforce. The percentage of American women who stay at home has dropped from 76% to 28% in the past 50 years.” So, you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone.

Taking the First Steps

Don’t distress if there is a lapse of time when building your resume. Focus on your valued skill sets. List any community clubs or groups you have lead. Include school fundraising activities, awards, and community service events that you have participated in. You might want to leave out the award your child made you for the best mom in the world (even if it was your biggest achievement to date). Begin the social networking process by interacting with old and new contacts through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is important to get out there by attending job fairs and other networking events. It is amazing what you can find in an outing at the playground.

Your Interview

On the day of your interview, it is important to shower before 4pm. Remain authentic during the interview and stay true to yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments on the home front. Let them know that you can multi-task better than anyone you know. After all, you are a chef, teacher, housekeeper, artist, entertainer, psychologist, chauffeur, stylist, doctor, and even a Handy Manny sometimes. Don’t feel compelled to take the first position offered to you. You are worthy of the position that offers you the balance you want and covers the checklist that works for you and your family.

You Did It!

Once you have landed your ideal job, give yourself a transition period to get grounded. In a matter of time, you will be balancing all those balls in the air and feeling empowered to shatter the glass ceiling.

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