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Four Tips for Making New Employees Feel Welcomed

Kavaliro is thrilled to welcome two new members to our company, Amy Simpson and Tim Harrington! We can’t wait to see what they accomplish as a vital part of our team. When hiring new employees, it is important to make them feel comfortable as they get settled in their new positions. Here are a few simple tips to make the onboarding process a breeze.

  1. Introduce new hires to the company before they start

It is always a good idea to introduce your new hire to the team before they start in the position. This can simply be done by announcing the news at a weekly team meeting or through a staff email. This will ensure that the current team gets to learn a little more about what they will be doing. It will also guarantee that everyone will know the name of the new employee. The key is giving your employees a heads up to a person starting, so they feel more prepared to make them feel welcomed.

  1. Immerse the new employee into the company culture as soon as possible

It is important to make a point of involving the new hire in all of the social and fun activities around the office. Quickly encourage them to think of their own personal goals for what they want to do or accomplish in the future while at the company. The quicker you start involving new hires in everyday things or asking for their input, the sooner they will feel comfortable and start becoming a valuable addition to the team.

  1. Create welcome traditions

This can be anything from a having a small party in the office to sharing fun facts with the team. Make them feel welcomed however you can. Find a tradition that expresses your company’s values and one that works for the entire team. It is vital to make sure current employees are enthusiastic about the process; this will make the onboarding process something exciting for everyone in the office.

  1. Develop a mentor system

There is so much to learn and remember during a first month at a new job, which can easily become overwhelming. Don’t make new hires go through this process alone. They should be assigned someone to show the new employees how things work, where to go for lunch and offer support and guidance when necessary. With a mentor system in place, fresh hires will get more out of the process, while becoming familiarized with the company and feeling more connected to the team.

For more tips on how to make your new employees feel welcomed be sure to check out Bill Peppler’s recent article with Smart Business Online here.

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