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Employee Spotlight: Katie Watson

24208875_10213472700606361_345616668_o.jpgKavaliro has so many talented team members that it is always a challenge to select one for our employee spotlight. This month we have the honor of hi-lighting Katie Watson from the Kavaliro Charlotte Branch. Katie's title is Administrative Assistant, but she is so much more than just that.

On a day to day basis, you can find Katie doing a multitude of tasks from researching background companies to answering questions for candidates.

"She always makes sure that clients and candidates are taken care of regardless of the time of day. She is often found to be going above and beyond to assist not just us but those we work with. Constantly answering emails and staying on top of us to get things done", said Resource Manager Javaria Harvin.

Katie has been with Kavaliro now for a little over a year and a half and was new to the staffing and services industry when she started. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte where she studied Criminal Justice.

24271459_10213472700486358_184531078_o.jpgWhen not at work you can find Katie outdoors. She is an avid explorer who loves hiking, backpacking and camping. Katie also dives into the world of art from time to time with an interest in watercolor painting and baking. Her favorite food is chocolate chip cookies, and she bakes some of the most delicious ones.

IMG_4190-681753-edited.jpg"One of the coolest things about working at Kavaliro beside the company and people would have to be that I have found my doppelgänger, Kati Watson. We have the same full name and grew up in the same area but didn't know each other before working at Kavaliro" said Katie "It can be pretty funny when people confuse us, and it happens pretty often."

We asked Katie's manager Josh Ridgeway, Director of MSP Delivery, what makes Katie such a fantastic team member. "She does an amazing job, and I would be lost without her, she is a model employee and embodies all the pillars of Kavaliro and goes above and beyond what is expected of her."

Congratulations, Katie for being chosen as the Kavaliro Employee Spotlight. We are proud to have you as a team member and grateful for all you do.

Have you been working with someone at Kavaliro that you think we should spotlight? Let us know by emailing us at marketing@kavaliro.com and telling us who we should spotlight.

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