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Creating Fun in the Workplace

Who says work has to suck all the fun out of your day? Many companies have taken it upon themselves to make sure their employees enjoy coming into work rather than dreading it. Executives often forget that happy employees make productive employees. Here are three easy ways to inject some fun into your workplace.

1. Allow for Flextime
- Allow your employees to be flexible with their schedules. By doing this you are acknowledging that their personal lives are important to you. The reason executives don’t always allow flexibility is because of the fear that production will decline. However, giving your employees the opportunity to get their work done on their own time can be a great motivator.

2. Lead with Laughter
- Taking time to laugh will increase productivity, not reduce it. It is important to understand that people think more clearly when they have a break to clear the clutter and cobwebs. Lead by example by laughing a lot and encouraging others to do the same.

3. Have a Fun Spot
- Make a corner of your office/break room a place where employees can post funny pictures or articles. Not only will this provide fun for your staff, but it will make your staff a closer group. Having areas for employees to reduce stress is a great way to increase retention.

-Mike Groeneveld, Resource Development Manager at Kavaliro

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