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Former President Clinton Cites Orlando as Successful City

Tuesday former President Bill Clinton published his book "Back to Work"- focusing on his views on how to revitalize the American job market. It makes the case for why government matters and explains the president’s ideas on energy, job creation and financial responsibility, his publisher said on Thursday.

“Back to Work” explains that Americans need to reinstate their competitive drive and instill an ethic that employees and costumers count too.

The day before his book hit shelves, Clinton stopped in our home town Orlando to promote his book. He called Orlando a city of success and boasted of the city’s job growth and sustainability.

“One community in America that is doing great is Orlando, Fla.,” Mr. Clinton said. “It has over 100 computer simulator companies, Disney, Universal, Global Entertainment Arts Video Game division and $5 billion a year coming in from the Defense Department and NASA for more computer simulators. Not to mention the University of Central Florida with 53,000 students that can change the curriculum to train people to do those jobs.”

Clinton continued his book tour all over the country stopping in New York to speak on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart the next day. He again applauded Orlando and its efforts to sustain job growth over the worst economic times since the depression.

Yet many financial analysts continue to use Florida as an example as one of the worst economies in the country. According to Workforce of Central Florida, Orange County’s unemployment rate dropped nearly 12 percent from August of last year. But, here at Kavaliro we are busier than we have been in the last 15 years. We are actually seeing jobs being delayed by a lack of available talent. Perhaps Central Florida is breaking a trend that analysts have insisted on over the past few years.

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