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Are you terrible at email? You may need Email Debt Forgiveness Day!

It is time for Email Debt Forgiveness Day which was this past Sunday (4/30/17). What is Email Debt Forgiveness Day? We will get to that in a minute but first some back story!Email Debt Forgiveness Day.jpg

We here at Kavaliro are big fans of the podcast Reply All by Gimlet Media. It all started with Corporate Recruiter, Kelly Babb who suggested to several of us in the company that we try this podcast about the internet. Seemed relevant we work in IT and the internet is part of IT. So, myself (Kati Watson) and several others of us started listening. We got super into it, and then this episode comes on #5.5 Jennicam Revisited. At the end of the episode Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt (the hosts of the show) mention, this thing called Email Debt Forgiveness Day.

So what is made up holiday? Well, I will let Alex and PJ explain it in their words.

Alex Goldman: “This Sunday (4/30/17) is Email Debt Forgiveness Day?

PJ Vogt: “Which everybody knows is the holiday where if you have put off an email to someone, doesn’t matter how much time it has been, you are allowed to just email them as if no time has passed, and they have to forgive you.”

Jennicam Revisited aired on April 26th, 2015, so for the past two years this wonderful forgiving holiday has come and gone, and hardly anyone knows about it!

Though we here at Kavaliro are no mind readers we are aware you are thinking “What does this have to do with a career blog?”.  The answer, well we all have those unanswered work emails from people that we meant to respond to, but there was a deadline on a project, so we put it off. And put it off. And put it off.

Next thing you know, it is six months later, and you still have not followed up on that email from that meeting you had back in September (sorry Sara). So we challenge everyone to scour the depths of your email inbox and find those emails you need forgiveness for not sending.

Once you have composed your email (as if no time at all has passed) just include a link to the Email Debt Forgiveness webpage (http://emaildebtforgiveness.me) and voila you are ready to go! Enjoy your anxiety-free day!

We want to challenge everyone to use Email Debt Forgiveness Day (it is ok that it has passed), and share your success story with us!

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