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8 Steps to Build A Personal Mission Statement

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

As a resume writer, one of the first questions we ask a new client is, “What is your ideal job?” Even though we interview high-level executives with decades of experience in their chosen field, it is surprising how many spontaneously reveal their unfulfilled dreams. Sometimes their unrealized passions contradict societal paradigms of success and/or diverge from the career evolution their original resumes convey. Yet promptly, such an impulsive confessional is erased with a chuckle and air of sarcasm as they change their tone and launch into a discussion of their more pragmatic career goals.

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Even if they have captured millions of dollars in annual revenue and their achievements surpass competition, some clients still struggle to articulate their true purpose and the unique value they bring to a corporation. A hiring manager may contemplate in response to their modesty and ambivalence, “Is this person in the wrong field? Do they have a clear direction in life?”

Also, many job seekers are apprehensive of acknowledging their greatness and the marketable value of their contributions. Sadly, they underplay their achievements and potential. As their resume writer, I wonder, “Are they afraid of their true power and are they lacking in self-worth?” Due to their modesty, they often fear taking ownership of their accomplishments. As a result, their resume is diminished and hiring managers will not realize the full potential they could bring an enterprise.

To remedy this, I advise building a mission statement to engage in the self-assessment needed to empower a career direction and to connect with a unique purpose. A concise yet compelling mission statement may also allow you to identify companies that have similar values. It may help to better analyze the costs and benefits of a new career opportunity. Lastly, such an exercise will crystallize one’s true self and talents with integrity and free of societal expectations.

A personal mission statement infuses you with the power to manifest personal vision in your life. It is a method of synergizing your unique abilities, authentic truth, and the person you are in the process of becoming.

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Remember to be patient with yourself. Conjuring a personal mission statement shall merely provide the steps and inspiration you need to create a life and a career that revolves around your own truth. The process of crafting your statement may spark the motivation needed to fulfill your highest potential.

It will also bestow upon you the clarity needed to apply for the companies which truly resonate with your calling and purpose in this world. Your career search will be more proactive and driven by the enthusiasm of bringing your unique talents to the corporation, which shall inevitably enhance client satisfaction and value to shareholders.

So, the question remains, how do you concoct a powerful, personal mission statement?

Consider the following steps:

1. Imagine that you have unlimited wealth, influence, and the ability to manifest anything you want. Yet, even with such luxuries and power, you are still obligated to pursue a profession. If money was not an issue and you have no limitatations whatsoever, what would you do with your life?

2. Envision your version of the perfect work day. Where would you be working? What projects would you pursue? What type of people would you interact with? What would give you a deep sense of fulfillment by the end of the day? Write down your story of a day in the life of your dream job.

3. Author your own obituary. Compose the succinct version of your contributions to this world during your time on earth. What has been important to you? What difference did you make to your clients, company, community, and society as a result of your profession? Consider what you would like your descendents to remember you by for generations to come.

4. Identify three or four of the greatest accomplishments in your career. Consider your most significant achievements which truly transformed a company where you have worked. Utilize as many quantifiable details as you possibly can and construct your answers in a results-oriented perspective.

5. Clarify your core values. Some people operate according to a spiritual compass and others fulfill a set of principles to live by according to their philosophies. Contemplate what you stand for and what you believe to be your truth. Write about the actions you are taking to fulfill these principles on a daily basis.

6. What inspires you? Consider the qualities they possess and of which you strive to emulate. They may be people you know on a personal level, or famous individuals who are known for their achievements. Compose a list of their admirable qualities.

7. Write about ways you can make a difference to the ideal company or organization of your dreams. Describe how you could add value to not just the corporation but to society as a whole when actualizing your specific talents and skills.

8. Make a list of your top goals, both professionally and personally. Write them with absolute confidence that one day they will be fulfilled.

Now, you are ready to write your personal mission statement. Study the answers you have composed to these questions and hunt for recurring themes that arise. Also, circle words you have repeated in order to discern subconscious patterns revealing what is important to you. Keep in mind that it would be useful to construct a mission statement that is short enough to memorize. As you evolve as an individual, your mission statement should be revised as well. You are a work-in-progress. Each day can become a masterpiece by practicing this invaluable self-assessment tool.

Guest author, Victoria Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail, LLC  

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