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4 Reasons Why a Contract Position May Be Right For You

Not everyone is cut out to be a contractor, only having a job for a temporary period and no long term job security can cause some serious anxiety. However, there are several pros to contract positions; here are our top 4 reasons to consider taking a contract.

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1. Diversity of Industry

Working in a variety of industries can help you find the industry that is right for you. By doing contract work you can work in the medical industry for six months working on a major infrastructure project, then for the next 12 months, you work for a construction company doing the same thing. Though the projects are relatively similar, working in the two different industries can make the jobs a lot different. This short-term experience in a variety of fields can help you narrow down what area you potentially want to work for long term.

2. Increasing Skills, Decreasing Boredom

Changing jobs is never easy, but by working as a contractor, allows you to increase your adaptability. Through changing positions frequently, your skill sets stay sharp.  One company may use QuickBooks while the next company you work with uses SAP system. Employees who have experience in contract positions have not only a broader skill set but are better able to adapt to change quickly.

3. Build a Professional Network

The more people you work with, the larger your personal network. Meeting new people and fostering new relationships can open doors for new opportunity. According to the US Labor Department, 70% of all jobs are found through networking. Building a personal network can introduce career paths and companies you never knew existed.

4. Pick Your Projects
One of the biggest perks of being a contractor is the ability to choose the projects you work on. Contract positions are currently on the rise in the US according to Lawrence F.  Katz of Harvard University, and Alan B. Krueger of Princeton University found that there was an increase from 10.1% of workers in alternative work arrangements in 2005 to 15.8% in 2015. The technology industry is a perfect example of an industry that utilizes contract workers to their fullest. Technology moves fast, and companies often have a huge need for short-term laborers to assist with the launching of large software projects. With a wide variety of options, it allows you to be slightly more selective in choosing what positions you want to work on.

While a contract position may not be right for everyone, there are a growing number of companies looking to hire short term project workers (especially in the tech industry). Roughly 85% off all the jobs we staff at Kavaliro IT staffing are contract positions (including contract to hire). If you are interested in learning more about becoming a contractor, schedule a free consultation with one of our qualified recruiters.

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